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Wild Chamomile Complex or Zhenju Jiangya Pian

Wild Chamomile Complex or Zhenju Jiangya Pian

Combined extracts of calming herbs work to ease nerves, relieving tension while in the long term boosting energy levels. Use to restore and maintain normal blood pressure and to improve metabolism. Great general tonic.

Ingredients per 2 tabs (480 mg): Extract of wild chamomile flower 30%, chitosan 20%, extract of puncture vine fruit 10%, extract of sickle pod senna 10%, extract of radish seed 10%, extract of kudzu root 10%, extract of corn silk stigma 5%, extract of dogbane grass 5%. Made in Shanghai by GMP certified Guo Yi Tang.

Directions for Use: Take 2 tabs three times daily with warm water.

Contents: .58 oz. 60 Tablets.



Liver, Fire

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