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Tonics are not recommended for use during any stage of wind invasion, i.e. cold & flu. They tend to drive wind deeper into the body, delaying recovery. (Qi tonics can be warm and stagnating to energy and should be discontinued or moderated if heat or dryness, chest oppression, abdominal congesting, bloating occur. Tonics to nourish blood may cause indigestion and should be monitored if so.)

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Seaweed Extract or Hai Zao Wan
Treats benign masses in the neck, i.e. thyroid nodules and goiter. Can assist in the treatment of breast cysts, parotid adenomas, lipomas, sebaceous cysts, ovarian cysts and fibroids adenomas, lipomas..
Angelica Longana Tea or Gui Pi Wan
Nurtures heart yin and blood while strengthening spleen and heart qi. Use for fatigue with night sweating, palpitations, poor memory, restlessness, insomnia, excess dreaming, poor digestion. May be us..
Angelica Longona Extract or Gui Pi Wan
Nurtures heart yin and blood, strengthening spleen and heart qi to calm. Benefits fatigue with night sweating, palpitations, poor memory, restlessness, insomnia, wild dreaming. Strengthens poor digest..
Asparagus & Lycium Combo, Eye Support Formula, Shihu Yeguang Wan
Nourishes yin and blood, tonifying kidney, liver, qi while dispelling liver fire and wind for the benefit of the eyes. Improves vision, particularly early stage blurry or dizzy vision. Use for eye tea..
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Bo San Yuen
Replenishes, invigorates blood circulating to and from heart. Invigorates kidneys and stomach. Beneficial general tonic for anxious, fatigued states, mental and physical debility. Use during rehabilit..
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan or Central Qi Pills
Tonifies spleen and stomach while invigorating liver qi and boosting yang. Use for chronic poor digestion with bloating, pain, gas. Also beneficial for uterine bleeding, habitual miscarriage and chron..
Butiao Tablets
The Nourish Blood, Adjust Period Tablet. Regulates irregular periods, dissolving cramps or excessive uterine bleeding due to deficient and stagnant blood. Will nourish and activate blood, inhibit blee..
Chinese Yuchuan or Yu Quan Wan
Jade Spring Pills to regulate appetite, nurture yin, strengthen kidney, lung, spleen, dispelling phlegm heat to relieve thirst, circulate fluids, calming shen. Treats juvenile and insipid diabetes. In..
Ching Chun Bao Recovery of Youth Tablet
Strengthens kidney yang, tonifying qi and blood to promote blood circulation. Benefits heart and kidney, enriching sexual function, countering fatigue. This recovery of youth tablet developed for empe..
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Codonopsis & Astragalus Combination or Shen Qi Da Bu Wan
For use as general qi tonic formulated to nourish blood, promote ying and wei qi. Benefits general debilitative states with fatigue, poor digestion due to spleen and stomach deficiency and blood defic..
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Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan
Use for deficient yang. Benefits kidneys, bodily tissues, circulatory system, immune system, male reproductive system, lumbar, knees, and ears.     Ingredients: Desert Broomrape Pul..
Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan or Macrovirex Extract
Invigorates liver, kidneys. Strengthens yang. Particularly beneficial for male impotence, sterility due to deficient kidney yang with lassitude, cold pain in loins and knees, flaccidity of extremities..
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