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Heart Congestion, Angina, Stroke

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Dan Shen Pill
Dissolves blood stagnation to disperse pain from the heart, clearing the blood vessels. Treats angina pectoris with pain that radiates down the left arm, heart palpitations, chest pains. Reduces blood..
Dan Shen Yin, Decoction of
Preventative against heart attack and stroke, dispersing blood stagnation in the heart and channels, clearing stagnant liver blood. Beneficial for angina, chest pain, chronic hepatitis, difficult brea..
Hawthorn Extract, Shan Zha Jiang Zhi Pian
Digestive aid centuries established now routinely used to treat heart failure. Antioxidants found in hawthorn may help treat chest pain, angina, heart disease, hypertension. Ingredients: Hawthorn. ..
Hawthorn Single Herb Element
For treatment of heart disease, to strengthen heart function, lower blood lipids, dilate blood vessels, promote circulation. Improves digestion, benefitting weight maintenance. Antioxidant, anti ..
Hawthorn Tablets
Lowers blood cholesterol. Reduces body fat. Balanced with a lean healthy diet, exercise, and rest, yes, hawthorn can help to recondition the body and its ability to age well.     &n..
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Maodungching Capsules
Single herb remedy for blood stagnation in the heart and blood vessels causing angina pain, respiratory distress, numbness in limbs with overall poor blood circulation. Treats and prevents heart disea..
Ren Shen Zai Zao Wan or Ginseng Extract Pills
Invigorates blood and qi to break stagnation, relieve internal wind, tonify blood, yin and qi. Use to address symptoms related to stroke, including hemiplegia, speech disturbance, contractive or flacc..
Salvia Extract Tablet or Dan Shen Pian
Salvia root / dan shen invigorates blood, dispels stasis to clear Heat, soothe and cool blood. Nourishes blood and disperses pain in the heart and blood vessels. Benefits angina pectoris with pai..
Serenity & Tranquility Care Supplement
Resets the mind and calms shen/spirit. Helps restore emotional balance. Nourishes heart to boost spleen, calming shen. Useful for deficient heart qi, neurastehnia, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, vex..
Shanghai Baoxin Wan
For long-term treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease and as emergency treatment of angina pectoris. Protects vascular endothelial cell, slows atherosis, significantly relieving symptoms of..
Su He Xiang Wan or Liquid Styrax Pills, Decoction of
For wind stroke due to phlegm obstructing the heart orifices, qi stroke or cold stroke, dry sudden turmoil disorder, painful obstruction of chest due to Qi stagnation, congealing due to cold, turbid p..
Vita-Heart Supplement
Promotes cardiac health with cleared circulation and agile vessels while maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Ingredients: Nattokinase, Monascus anka, Salvia militorrhiza, Hibiscus sa..
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