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701 Dieda Zhengtong Yaogao Plaster
Now available by the roll for custom fitting over wounds and afflicted aches. Use to relieve minor pains and bruising from martial arts, sports, trauma or injury.   Ingredients: Camphor ..
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Axe Brand Red Flower Oil
Pine oil and capsaicin make this product unique. Use to relieve rheumatic and muscular pain, to clear channels, expel cold, invigorate blood circulation. Use for temporarily forgetting the aching liga..
BST Eucalyptus Oil
Light, lightly fragrant, refreshing and gentle enough for the bath or for use on infant or sensitive skin.     Ingredients: 100% Eucalyptus Oil. Made in the US. Directions for Us..
Chan Yat Hing Pain Relieving Balm
Muscles and joints are provided for in this blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, nutmeg oils. Use for sprains, bruises, injury, backache and other symptoms associated with arthritis and wind damp conditio..
Ching Wan Hung Soothing Herbal Balm
Promotes circulation of blood and qi, cooling heat, ending pain while triggering tissue growth. Widely used as topical ointment for first to third degree burns with blistering, redness and pain. ..
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Die Da Wan Hua Pain Relieving Oil
Relieves pain and minor swelling associated with common aches and pains in joints, muscles. Beneficial for backache, muscle strains and arthritic flare up. Ingredients: Turpentine Oil - 6%,&nb..
E Mei Shan or Jako Kokotsu
With wu zhu yu fruit extract! Use for fast deep penetrating relief of most muscular and joint aches and pains. Directions for Use: Apply to well cleaned afflicted area. Ingredients: Menthol, cam..
Eagle Brand Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil used in massage is especially refreshing and uplifts the skin. Use also for bathing or as general perk for dulled senses. Ingredients: 100% eucalyptus oil. Made by Borden Co Ltd, Sin..
Eagle Brand Medicated Green Oil
Relieves spectrum of symptoms associated with sinus, headache, wind damp aches and pains, wind invasion. Rub gently to temples, back of neck, chest for instant warmth. Ingredients: Menthol 14.5% w/..
Five Photo First Aid Antiseptic
Quells even the most knotted, purple and green bruises with angelica dang gui, dragon blood resin, soothing through aromatic frankincense and myrhh for a substantially hastened healing time. Use also ..
Hong Hoa Oil
Provides fast acting, cinnamon scented relief from minor muscle and joint aches and pains. Ingredients: Methyl salicylate 60%, cinnamon oil, clove oil, turpentine oil. Directions for Use: Rub sm..
Imada Red Flower Oil or Hung Fa Yeow
Soothing Imada Red Flower Oil relieves the most aching pains from ligaments, muscles, and joints caused by injury or over use as well as softening sprains and stiffness following exercise or spor..
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