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Cordyceps or Dong Chong Xia Cao, Whole, Unprocessed
Unprocessed whole, large, fat larva body with short stroma, bright yellow appearance and white inner part. Benefits kidney and lung meridians with sweet property. Use to tonify kidney yang, nourish ki..
Ganoderma Capsule
Ganoderma also known as ling zhi or reishi mushroom boosts the immune system, treating viral infections such as flu, lung conditions such as asthma and bronchitis, heart disease and its contributing c..
Nature Nest Bird's Nest, White
Swiflet nests are hand picked from the caverns and cliffs of Nanyang and are considered the best in the world. Rich in protein and calcium, nests are a traditional restorative tonic for old and young...
Nissan Reishi
Japanese aged red reishi with the most potent medicinal value is offered by Nissan, established 1887. Cultivation involves grafting the Reishi mother fungi onto aged dried wood of Japanese o..
Pure Sliced Korean Red Ginseng
Genuine sliced red ginseng boosts mind, spirit and immunity. Directions for Use: Recommended daily allowance is 6 gms per day. Chew straight out of the box or combine with hot water or suitable liq..
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Reishi D Supplement
Sublime supplement combines ganoderma with cordyceps and propolis. Supports the immune system, contributing to overall health. Particularly beneficial as supplement to enhance rehabilitation after ill..
Shinghon Ginseng
Ready to consume Korean ginseng for boosting energy, relieving fatigue. Contents: 37.5 gms. ..
Super Cordyceps by Mitsuwa
Replenishes vitality and promotes healthy lungs and kidneys. Regulates the respiratory system and eliminates symptoms of fatigue and stress. Improves physical endurance and maintains energ..
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