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Notogina Toothpaste
Refreshing, long lasting anticavity toothpaste with notoginseng. Naturally whitening. Joy to the palate. Ingredients: Sodium monofluorophosphate .8%, inactively: cellulose gum, flavor, glycerin, no..
Pure Turmeric Extract
Acclaimed since ancient times for its antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory functions, turmeric's curcumin compound provides not only its distinct yellow hue but may promote colon and cardiova..
Run Hou Tang Lozenges
Cools while nourishing throat. Beneficial as detox for throat afflicted with excess wind, cold, flu, heat. Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Mesona Chinensis Benth, Plumeria Rubra, Microcos..
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UBB Aloes + 2 Aloe Vera Supplement
Relaxes bowels while disinfecting intestines, relieving GI tract, benefiting gastric ulcer, urethral calification. Especially beneficial for skin, healing wounds, refining skin of pigmented spots, mel..
UBB Cartiligins, 100% Pure Shark Cartilage
Shark cartilage provides natural protein, calcium, phosphorous, and zinc for proper skeletal growth, tooth development, kidney functioning and new cell growth. Use as dietary supplement to build stron..
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Vita-BSB Supplement
Superb herbs are combined to promote normal blood sugar level maintenance. Ingredients: Dioscorea, Codonopsis Pilosula Nannf, Lycium Chinese Mill, Astragalus Membranaceus, Psidium Gaujava Linn, Lyc..
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Vita-Heart Supplement
Promotes cardiac health with cleared circulation and agile vessels while maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Ingredients: Nattokinase, Monascus anka, Salvia militorrhiza, Hibiscus sa..
Vita-Livr Dietary Supplement
Promotes liver balance to effectively expel toxins. Over work, late nights, high intake of alcohol or tobacco may lead to depleted overall health. This blend of herbs works to detoxify the liver and r..
Vita-Rejuve Supplement for Menopause
A stage targeted formula composed of primal herbs, ganoderma and cordyceps, aids the female body in finding balance during menopause. Combine with exercise, rest, plenty of water and a healthy diet fo..
White Chrysanthemum
Relieves the surface, releasing internal heat, wind, toxin to calm liver, clear heat, improve eyesight, subdue inflammation and expel unwanted. Valuable for conditions due to external pathogen, with f..
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