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Vita-Livr Tea

Vita-Livr Tea

The liver is restored to balance and healthy metabolic function with a tea specifically formulated to address liver dysfunction brought on by overwork, fatigue, lack of necessary rest and formative nutrition. Use as liver tonic for antitumor, antioxidant colonic health.
Ingredients: Rhinacanthus nasutus, verbenea officinalis, ludwigia octovalvis raven, acanthopanax senticosus, pteris multifida poiret, gynostemma pentaphyllum makino. Made by Universal Herb, TX, USA.
Directions for Use: Place teabag into 16 oz. of hot water. Brew about three minutes. Consume 1-2 bags per day.

Contents: 15 bags per box. 4.5 gm net weight.



Liver, Congestion
Liver, Fire
Liver, Tonics

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