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Vine Essence Pills

Vine Essence Pills

General tonic based on imperial formula for deficiencies with symptoms including poor circulation, joint pain, low energy, lack of immunity, poor memory, muscle pain, nervous disorders, digestive weakness, menstrual irregularities and general debility.

Ingredients: Geranium herb, erycibe stem, angelica herb, futokadsura stem, ginseng root, pipe fish, ilex root, kadsura root, epimedium leaf, dong quai root, homalomena rhizome, licorice root, ligusticum rhizome, morinda root, ligusticum gao ben, gastrodia rhizome, dipsacus root, polygonum shou wu. Made by Capital United Medical Manufacturer, Beijing, China.

Directions for Use: Take 4 pills with warm water three times a day after meal.

Contents: 60 pills per bottle.



Qi, to tonify

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