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Vita-BSB Tea
Vita's Blood Sugar Balance Tea may effectively control high blood sugar levels for early stage diabe..
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Vita-Livr Tea
The liver is restored to balance and healthy metabolic function with a tea specifically formulat..
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Vita-Blood Pressure Tea
Invigorates blood circulation to promote and maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Ingredients:..
Vita-Bone & Joint Support Herbal Tea
Proprietary blend of herbs work to support the health of bones, joints and tendons. No artificial co..
Vita-BSB Supplement
Superb herbs are combined to promote normal blood sugar level maintenance. Ingredients: Dioscorea..
Based on 1 reviews.
Vita-Digestion Chewable Yogurt Wafer
Yogurt and enzymes of papaya and plants are combined to aid the body's natural digesting of carbs, f..
Vita-Ease Aqua Plus Patch
Herbs soothe and penetrate to relieve aching pains, sprains, strained muscles, arthritis, backache, ..
Vita-Ease Herb Energy Plaster
Far Infrared & Natural Herb Energy Plasters absorb body heat and convert it to energy for instan..
Vita-Energy Tea
Ganoderma, panax ginseng and chrysanthemum are combined to make an antioxidant rich tea that helps t..
Vita-Flu & Cold Support Herbal Tea
All natural herbs help to boost immune system and abate flu and cold symptoms. No artifical flavors,..
Vita-Heart Supplement
Promotes cardiac health with cleared circulation and agile vessels while maintaining cholesterol and..
Vita-Kidney Tea
Supports renal function, promoting healthy urination while relieving backache. Contains no artificia..
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