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Tonics are not recommended for use during any stage of wind invasion, i.e. cold & flu. They tend to drive wind deeper into the body, delaying recovery. (Qi tonics can be warm and stagnating to energy and should be discontinued or moderated if heat or dryness, chest oppression, abdominal congesting, bloating occur. Tonics to nourish blood may cause indigestion and should be monitored if so.)

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Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan or Eight Treasure Tea
A combination of Four Gentlemen or Si Jun Zi Tang and Four Substance or Si Wu Tang. Tonifies qi and nourishes blood. For use as women's general tonic when experiencing fatigue, dizziness, heart palpit..
Peony Licorice Extract or Shao Yao Gan Cao Wan
Replenishes yin to stop pain. Use for deficient yin and blood. Alleviates pain from gastralgia, abdominal cramping, menstruation. Also benefits cramps in calf muscles and hands, reducing pain from sci..
Raw Tienchi Ginseng Powder or San Qi Fen
Natural painkiller and "more precious than gold" according to ancient healers. Use to boost energy, endurance and improve blood flow. Increases oxygen levels, promoting cell renewal. Stops internal an..
Raw Tienchi Powder or Sheng Tian Qi Fen
Pure raw pseudoginseng powder may be taken internally or applied externally to traumatic wounds or bleeding gums. Tienchi supports blood circulation with flavonoids and heart health with saponin. I..
Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang or Ginseng Nutritive Formula, Decoction of
Use as general tonic for age and debility, especially with weakened heart qi, deficient spleen qi, lung qi, heart yang, heart blood, and liver blood with disturbed shen, dysharmony of heart and kidney..
Restorex Tea Pill or Ba Zhen Wan
Tonifies qi and nourishes blood to restore harmony. For use as women's general tonic to combat daily fatigue and stress, dizziness, heart palpitation, low appetite, irregular menstruation, deficient m..
Run Chang Wan
Stimulates peristalsis, moistening intestines and reducing heat. Use for chronic constipation arising from heat, deficient fluids or deficient qi. Particularly beneficial for constipation due to weakn..
Shanghai Baoxin Wan
For long-term treatment and prevention of coronary heart disease and as emergency treatment of angina pectoris. Protects vascular endothelial cell, slows atherosis, significantly relieving symptoms of..
Shen Jing Shuai Ruo Wan
Or Shen Ching Shuai Jao Wan. Tonifies heart qi, blood and yin. Norishes liver yin and blood, calming shen, reducing heat. Alleviates deficient heart blood causing insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares,..
Shen Qi Da Bu Wan or Ginseng, Astragalus Great Tonifying Pill
General qi tonic for blood, ying and wei qi. Beneficial for general debility, fatigue, poor digestion due to spleen and stomach deficiency, blood deficiency. Strengthens immune system. Ingredients:..
Shi Quan Da Bu Wan
Tonifies spleen and heart qi, kidney and spleen yang to nourish and invigorate blood. Cinnamon root aids in warming and consoling kidney yang while astragalus root nourishes spleen and wei qi. Benefic..
Shi Quan Da Bu Wan or Ten Flavor Tea
Tonifies spleen and heart qi, kidney and spleen yang while nourishing and invigorating blood. Use for poor digestion or appetite, fatigue, weakness of back or legs, anxiety and infirmity following ill..
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