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Honeysuckle Herbal Tea from Ge Xian Weng
Inherently antibacterial. Clears and detoxifies, inhibiting bacterial growth, cooling and reducing heat manifestations in the process. Effective drink to clear ulcers, sore throat, internal and extern..
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Hua Fen Bi Min Gan Cha Allergy Relief Tea
Clears upper respiratory system through pollen season without caffeine or chemical additives. Ingredients: Root of dahurian angelica, Siberian cocklebur achene, chuanxiong rhizome, flos magnoliae. ..
Isatis Root Granule, Ban Lan Gen Instant Beverage
Ready to mix granules make the cooling properties of isatis even more accessible. Use to remove toxic heat, reduce blood heat, benefit sore throat and subside heat related swelling. Beneficial for ton..
Isatis Root or Ban Lan Gen Beverage
Isatis works to stabilize and normalize during seasonal changes. Removes toxic heat manifested as sore throat, swelling, headache, fever, seasonal flu, the common cold, tonsilitis, mumps. Be..
Kipling Keepfit Tea
Mix premier China tea with five weight loss promoting herbs, and you’ve got a recipe for teenage metabolism. Lotus leaf, senna leaf, gynostemma rhizome, perilla stem and perilla leaf complement a base..
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Lao Jiang Nuan Wei Cha Herbal Tea
Ginger as tea promotes balanced digestion while relieving and warming the stomach channel and senses. Use before eating to reduce gaseous emission. Combined here with red date in a base of black tea t..
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Lipoherb Tea or Jiang Zhi Tong Mai
Quickens blood to move stasis, dispersing the liver to harmonzie qi. Reduces symptoms associated with fatty liver, adiposity, arteriosclerosis. Benefits high blood sugar and hyperlipemia states. Di..
Oldenlandia Diffusa Herbal Tea
Oldenlandia diffusa (Bai Hua She She Cao) is one of the herbs most commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating cancer, viral infections (e.g. hepatitis) as well as toxic heat syndromes ..
Qu Dou Mei Fu Qu Ban Herbal Tea
Weight loss by formula here turns to honeysuckle and dendranthema flower for inspiration. ..
Ren Shen Xian Rong Zhuang Yang Cha Herbal Tea
Tonifies qi, heart blood and kidney yin and yang. Soothing tea excellent for recovery use following illness, surgery or childbirth. Beneficial for conditions characterized by poor appetite, anemia, we..
Self-Heal Herbal Tea
Commonly called self-heal or heal-all, Prunella vulgaris in TCM can change the course of chronic disease due to interior heat. Combined here with mulberry leaf and chrysanthemum, prunella works to soo..
Shou Fu Xiao Zhi Jian Fei Herbal Tea
Oriental water plantain and red-rooted salvia in this blend work to detoxify, balance and curve cravings to help with springtime weight loss. Ingredients: Oriental water plantain, root of red-roo..
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