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Tam Hoa Formula for Expelling Parasites

Tam Hoa Formula for Expelling Parasites

Purges variety of parasites. Presentations include intermittent periumbilical pain, ability to eat despite pain, changed complexion (wan, pale or dark), white spots on cheeks, nighttime grinding of teeth, sensation of gnawing hunger, vomiting of clear fluids, peeled tongue coating with pulse that abruptly skips from large to small. 

Directions for Use: Fast (no dinner) before sleeping. Fast (no breakfast) before consuming medicine. When arisen, ingest 40gms / 1 tablespoon with warm water. This will have laxative effect. Staying home is recommended on the day medicine is taken. Herbs prepared as powder for five day treatment. Each course may be taken as convenient and not on sequential days.

Contents: 200 grams powder. 






Ascariasis, Roundworms in bilary ducts

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