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Serenity & Tranquility Care Supplement

Serenity & Tranquility Care Supplement

Resets the mind and calms shen/spirit. Helps restore emotional balance. Nourishes heart to boost spleen, calming shen. Useful for deficient heart qi, neurastehnia, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, vexation, agitation, excessive dreaming, dizziness, poor vision, low appetite, bodily fatigue.

Directions for Use: Take 6gms twice daily.

Ingredients: Dihuang dried root, Tendrilleaf fritillary bulb, Tangkwei root, Szechwan lavage rhizome, Indian bread root, Thinleaf milkwort root, White Peony root, Dwarf Lilyturf tuber

Contents: 6 boxes, 6 gms each. 



Fatigue due to disturbed shen
Heart Palpitations due to restless shen
Insomnia due to disturbed shen
Insomnia, General

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