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Qing Nao Jiang Ya Pian

Qing Nao Jiang Ya Pian

Clears liver heat, reducing internal wind, regulating blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, softening & strengthening hardened arteries. Use for early stage hypertension with symptoms of dizziness, headache, tinnitus, emotional volatility. Benefits circulation, brain function, eyesight, sleep patterns. 

Ingredients: Iron, Dong Quai Root, Sickle-senna Seed, Magnetite, Achyranthes Root, Gambir Vine Stems & Thorns, Heal All Spike, Sophora Flower, Red Rooted Sage Root. Made by Baoding Zhongyao Pharmaceutical, Hebei, China.

Directions for Use: Take 4 - 6 tablets three times daily with warm water.

Contents: 100 sugar coated tablets.




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