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Prostate Gland Pills

Prostate Gland Pills

Or Qian Lie Xian Wan. Disperses blood stagnation to reduce inflammation, clear toxic pus, reducing damp heat in lower burner while tonifying and invigorating blood. Use for chronic and acute prostate gland infection or swelling with dribbling or painful urination and pain in testicles. Suitable for urinary tract infections with lower back and abdominal pain.

Ingredients: Vaccaria seed, moutan root, paeonia chishao, astragalus root, patrinia plant, peucedanum root, licorice root, saussaurea root, akebia stem.

Directions for Use: Take 6 pills, three times a day with water.

Contents: 90 pills per bottle.



Backache due to prostate inflammation
Pain, Testicle
Pain, Urinary
Prostatitis due to blood stagnation
Testicle Pain

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