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Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder

Detoxes. Calms spirit, shen. Clears liver heat to tranquilize mind, brighten eyes, alleviating spasm, easy fright, tremor. Use pearl powder to treat inflammatory illnesses including epilepsy, convulsions, hyperactivity, hypertension, insomnia and palpitations, to quiet nerves and soothe tension. Cosmetic grade pearl powder is mixed with the inner shell of the oyster in its preparation while the medicated grade is made wholly from crushed pearl. Calcium, minerals and amino acids from the pearl is readily absorbed and skin shines as a result. Pearl powder helps to tone and rejuvenate skin, heal blemishes and wounds, minimize the look of pores, reduce flaws, redness. May be used internally or topically.

Ingredients: Pearl powder 600mg.

Directions for Use: Take 2 viles, once or twice daily as supplement.

Contents: 12 vials.

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