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Nissan Reishi

Nissan Reishi

Japanese aged red reishi with the most potent medicinal value is offered by Nissan, established 1887. Cultivation involves grafting the Reishi mother fungi onto aged dried wood of Japanese oak which are then placed in green houses under controlled environmental conditions for a period of two years. 

Ingredients: Organic red reishi extract. 60 mg per tab equivalent to .75 gm of fruit body mushrooms. Endorsed by the Japan Reishi Association with authenticity guaranteed by laser proprietary trademark.

Contents: 100 tablets. 2 tablets per packet. 

Directions for Use:

For preventive purposes, take 1 or 2 packs (2 tablets per pack) once daily.
For stabilizing health problems, take 2 to 4 packs twice daily.

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Health Improvement

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