M & A Brand, China

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Strengthen muscles, bones and tendons while improving circulation with a complex blend of radix salv..
Comedo Clear Acne Remedy
Comedones or blackheads are targeted in this formula designed to brighten and clear skin from the in..
Cordyceps and ginseng are combined to boost the inner workings of the lungs.     ..
Cordyceps Capsules
Use daily to strengthen lung and kidney functions leading to respiratory health. Particularly benefi..
Feng Zhen Wan
Anti-inflammatory, antipruritic. Relieves itch! Expels interior toxic heat manifested as allergic sk..
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Golden 50 Menopause Supplement
It is believed that in the golden age (typical age stage: 50-75), women achieve freedom and can full..
Keepfit Pill
Health is an inner light radiant upon the entire body. You'll find the evening primrose, buckthorn a..
Kipling Keepfit Tea
Mix premier China tea with five weight loss promoting herbs, and you’ve got a recipe for teenage met..
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Liver Cleanse
Care for the liver and care for the self. Liver Cleanse works to detox the liver, restoring healthy ..
Pe Min Kan Wan, M&A Brand
Clears nasal passages, particularly during wind heat where discharge is clear or white and excessive..
Prosta Flex
Treats enlarged prostate gland due to yin deficiency, particularly in aged patients where there is p..
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