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Tam Hoa Extra Strength Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Tam Hoa Extra Strength Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Liuwei DiHuang Wan or Six Flavor Rehmanni is one of the most commonly used Chinese herb formulas in the world. It can serve as a stand alone remedy, as a base formula from which to concoct numerous modifications or as adjunct to other formulas. 

100 Famous and Effective Prescriptions of Ancient and Modern Times refers to Liu Wei Di Huang Wan or Six Flavor Rehmanni as effective treatment for chronic nephritis, hypertension, esophageal epithelial hyperplasia, diabetes, infantile mal-development, and general yin-deficiency syndromes in gynecology, ophthalmology, surgical disorders, and ear, nose, and throat disorders. The book presented a review of experimental and clinical studies published during the period 1977-1981 in which the formula was reported to reduce the incidence of induced cancers and promote excretion of urea, while protecting renal functions in laboratory animals and to help heal early stage esophageal hyperplasia (pre-cancerous conditions) and treat prostate inflammation in humans. 

In the book Formulas and Strategies, the formula is said to be suitable for treating the following biomedically-defined disorders, so long as the presentation is appropriate to a yin-deficiency category: neurasthenia, pulmonary tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, chronic nephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis, urinary tract infection, hypertension, failure to thrive, functional uterine bleeding, optic neuritis, optic nerve atrophy, and central retinitis.

In a more recent review of the pharmacology studies of the formula reported during the period 1987-1996 (11), Rehmannia Six Formula was reported to have beneficial effects on immune functions and help prevent tumors; to improve digestion and regulate sugar metabolism; to enhance cardiac function and provide general antiaging activity as well as to treat urogenital disorders.

These findings, as well as continued clinical use of the formula in Chinese hospitals and mass production of the formula in many of China's patent medicine factories, has led to a world-wide demand for the prescription. The formula has few adverse effects or contraindications and is suited to long term administration.

Ingredients: Rehmannia (sheng di huang), Cornus (shan zhu yu), Dioscorea (shan yao), Alisma (ze xie), Moutan (mu dan pi), Hoelen (fu ling).

Directions for Use: Bring to boil one herb packet with 3-4 cups water. Continue on low-medium heat for three hours until reduced to one cup. Remove dregs and drink warm twice daily. One herb packet presents one day's use. 

Contents: 10 packets. 




Kidneys with deficient yin & heat

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