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Kai Kit Pill, Jie Jie Wan

Kai Kit Pill, Jie Jie Wan

The Dispel Prostate Swelling Pill. Use to tonify kidney qi and yin, invigorating qi and blood in the process to promote urinary function, eliminate pain and astringe damp. Use specifically to treat enlarged prostate gland with painful or difficult urination and pain in groin. Useful for chronic condition with pronounced swelling.

Ingredients: Rehmannia Root 20%, Astragalus Root 20%, Codonopsis Root 20%, Ligustrum Fruit 10%, Plantago Seed 5%, Achyranthes Root 5%, Salvia Root 5%, Alisma Rhizome 5%, Cuscuta Seed 5%, Mantis Eggcase 5%.
 Made by Hanyang Pharmaceutical Works, Hubei, China.

Directions for Use: Take 3-6 pills, two to three times daily.

Contents: 54 pills.



Prostatitis due to deficient qi and yin

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