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Angelica Combo Tea Extract or Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan
Dispels wind cold and damp while tonifying liver and kidney qi and blood. Use for arthritic symptoms including aching joints, limbs, knees, lower back pain. Ingredients: Pubescent angelica root 150..
Angelica Longana Tea or Gui Pi Wan
Nurtures heart yin and blood while strengthening spleen and heart qi. Use for fatigue with night sweating, palpitations, poor memory, restlessness, insomnia, excess dreaming, poor digestion. May be us..
Angelica Longona Extract or Gui Pi Wan
Nurtures heart yin and blood, strengthening spleen and heart qi to calm. Benefits fatigue with night sweating, palpitations, poor memory, restlessness, insomnia, wild dreaming. Strengthens poor digest..
Anshen Bunao Tablets
Relieves nervous tension, sleeplessness, occasional motion sickness. Calms shen to tonify heart and liver blood. Ingredients: Angelica dang gui, albizia bark, zizyphus seed, li chang herb, polygonu..
Treats malignant tumors. Suitable for long term use and as supplement to surgery and Western treatments. Directions for Use: Take 4 tablets three times daily after meals. Contents: .25 gm. 100 t..
Apricot Perilla Throat Syrup
Generational favorite passed from elders to children for relieving coughing due to bronchitis, cold and flu, phlegm congestion, sinusitis, emphysema, allergies, upper respiratory tract infection...
Armadillo Counter Poison Pill as Poria & Gardenia Combo Extract or Qu Shi Qing Du Wan
Improves blood circulation to remove toxins and reduce itching associated with skin conditions such as hives, eczema, dermatitis.  Ingredients: Poria, Japanese honeysuckle flower, rehmannia un..
Asparagus & Lycium Combo, Eye Support Formula, Shihu Yeguang Wan
Nourishes yin and blood, tonifying kidney, liver, qi while dispelling liver fire and wind for the benefit of the eyes. Improves vision, particularly early stage blurry or dizzy vision. Use for eye tea..
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Au Kah Chuen Fugical Cream
Treats fungal infections, including athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm. Relieves associated pain, itching and irritation. Also effective treatment for poison ivy, poison oak, sumac, clearing&nbs..
Automatic Decoction Pot
Automatic clay pot decocts prescriptions with auto heat preservation, advanced heating unit that gets your prescription right every time. Spill and overflow proof . Large 4 L capacity. ..
Axe Brand Red Flower Oil
Pine oil and capsaicin make this product unique. Use to relieve rheumatic and muscular pain, to clear channels, expel cold, invigorate blood circulation. Use for temporarily forgetting the aching liga..
Ba Xian Chang Shou Wan, Decoction of
Longevity formula treats deficient lung and kidney yin. Applicable to afternoon low grade fever, difficult breathing, dry cough, dry mouth, dry nose. Herbs: Rehmannia (shu di huang), ophiopogon (ma..
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