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Imperial & Superior Strong Spur Pills

Imperial & Superior Strong Spur Pills

Removes stasis and improves circulation. Benefits symptoms associated with spur, arthralgia, osteoporosis, gout, rheumatism, headache, shoulder and back pain, sore loins, lumbar and ischiadic pain. 

Ingredients: caulis entadae, radix millettiae, radix pterospermi, radix cler (fragrantis), rhizoma gigantifoliae, radix flemingiae, tie shao zhao, radix ang. pubescentis, radix zanthoxyil nitidi, caulis cissi, radix cudraniae, ramulus uncariae, herba giechomae, caulis spatholobi, radix polygoni, semen coicis, herba inulae cappae, herba siegesbeckiae, cortex a sessil-iflori, honey.

Directions for Use: Take 20 pills twice daily with warm water.

Contents: 240 pills.



Arthritis, Rheumatoid
Joint Pain due to wind damp
Muscle, Rheumatic ache due to wind damp
Pain due to wind damp rheumatism

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