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Heat, Fever, Infection, Sore Throat, Skin Disorders

Patent formulas containing fire-purging herbs (e.g. musk gland, margarita pearl, borenol crystal...) are for use only as long as fire and heat symptoms are evident. Since these herbs are by nature drying and can damage stomach fluids if taken for excessively long periods, monitored and moderate use is recommended.

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Niuhuang Qingxin Wan
Cools liver and blood, opening heart orifices blocked with heat and fever. Fortifies qi while relieving symptoms including fever with restlessness and anxiety, delirium, loss of consciousness, ve..
Niuhuang Shedan Chuanbei San
Based on She Dan Chuan Bei San, Snake Bile and Fritillary Powder. Clears heat to relieve cough, expel phlegm. For coughs due to lung heat, acute or chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchitis, recurrent ap..
Oldenlandia Diffusa Herbal Tea
Oldenlandia diffusa (Bai Hua She She Cao) is one of the herbs most commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating cancer, viral infections (e.g. hepatitis) as well as toxic heat syndromes ..
Pak Cheong Tong's Hou Cho Powder
Treats the wide variety of children's afflictions including fever, flu, flatulence, phlegm, vomiting. Ingredients: Amber 15%, Bezoar 5.7%, Cardamomum 9%, Glycyrrhiza 18%, Pearl 15%, Acorus Granin..
Panlanken or Ban Lan Gen
Treats variety of interior toxic heat symptoms including sore throat, fever, constipation from heat, infection. Detoxes and cools blood, promoting circulation. Isatis root is a natural antibiotic, ant..
Qing Re San Jie Pian
Dispels internal heat and toxins showing up as carbuncles and surface boils. Cools blood to relieve swelling, recirculate blood circulation leading to a cleaner clearer complexion. Made by Guangzho..
San She Dan Chuan Bei Ye
Clears phlegm and heat to end coughing. A sweet and delicious formula traditionally composed of snake gallbladder and fritillaria bulb works to abate coughs while dissolving the most persistent of phl..
Seven Stars Granules, Xiao Er Qi Xing Cha
For use as mild, calming digestive aid, particularly for children when experiencing insomnia, restlessness, irritability, rashing, food intolerance, poor diet or food accumulation from overeating. May..
Shuangliao Houfeng San, Superior Sore Throat Powder Spray
Clears heat and inflammation from sore throat, mouth sores, ulcerative skin lesions, inflamed sinuses and mid ear infections.   Ingredients: Coptiz rhizome 30%, borneol crystal 25%, licoric..
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Star-Ring Tendrilleaf Fritillary Tea Powder
Fritillary and snake gall are combined for a soothing instant tea mix to relieve sore throat associated with the common cold or flu.   Ingredients: Tendrilleaf Fritillary & Snake Gall. ..
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Watermelon Frost Lozenges
Patented pink lozenges with a sweet and fresh taste. Softening and cooling. Contains 18 amino acids and trace elments of watermelon and pennyroyal to relieve dry throat and symptoms associated with sc..
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