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Fuke Yueyuehong

Fuke Yueyuehong

Nourishes and invigorates stagnant blood, warming uterus. Promotes healthy regular rhythmic menstruation.

Ingredients: Chinese rhubarb root (da huang), safflower (hong hua), red-rooted sage root (dan shen), chinese peony root with bark (chi shao), baikal skullcap root (huang qin), rehmannia root (di huang), white peony root without bark (bai shao), Chinese licorice root and stem (gan cao), Sparganium root (san leng), resina toxicodendri resin (gan qi) and zedoary root (e zhu). Made by TMC Univeral Pharmaceutical, Hong Kong.

Directions for Use: Take 10 pills three times a day.

Contents: 150 pills per bottle.



Infertility due to deficient blood

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