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Five Photo First Aid Antiseptic

Five Photo First Aid Antiseptic

Quells even the most knotted, purple and green bruises with angelica dang gui, dragon blood resin, soothing through aromatic frankincense and myrhh for a substantially hastened healing time. Use also as first aid on minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

Ingredients: Alcohol (70%), cattail pollen extract, paeonia chi shao, angelica dang gui, dragon blood resin, frankincense resin extract, myrrh resin extract, peppermint oil, carthamus flower extract, tienchi ginseng root extract, water. Made by Lung Choy Shung Medicine Factory, Hong Kong.

Directions for Use: Apply to afflicted area, rubbing until oil has soaked into skin. Cover with bandages as needed.

Contents: 7.44 fl oz/220 ml bottle.

Brand: Trdmrk, Hu Qing Yu Tang, China
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