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Farfun Peiminkamwan

Farfun Peiminkamwan

Treats eczema, dermatitis, acne, hives and other common skin allergies where blooming is apparent with itching, inflammation, pain. Also referred to as jing zhi hua fen bi min gan wan, Superior Pollen Nasal Susceptibility Pill. Has antihistamine and decongestant effect.

Ingredients: Radix sculletaria macrantha, herba agastaches, magnolis officionalis, radix angelicae dahuricae, herb centipedae minimae, glycyrrhiza glabral, flos chrysanthemi indici, herba asari cum radici, rhizoma atractylodis.

Directions for Use: Take 4 tablets, three times a day.

Contents: 50 tablets per bottle.



Allergies, Food
Allergies, Skin
Skin Disorders, Infection from toxic heat
Skin Itching with rash, hives

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