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Digestive Health & Weight Loss

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Run Chang Wan
Stimulates peristalsis, moistening intestines and reducing heat. Use for chronic constipation arising from heat, deficient fluids or deficient qi. Particularly beneficial for constipation due to weakn..
Run Chang Wan or Smooth Tea Pill
Treatment for chronic constipation due to heat, deficiency of fluid, deficiency of blood. Helpful in chronic constipation due to old age, debilitated states, during postpartum or in midst of fever. Cl..
Set Lee Tan
Resolves rectal bleeding with heat phlegm and blood in stool from intestinal fire.  Directions for Use: Take 1 packet every 3 hours. Contents: 12 packets. ..
Seven Stars Granules, Xiao Er Qi Xing Cha
For use as mild, calming digestive aid, particularly for children when experiencing insomnia, restlessness, irritability, rashing, food intolerance, poor diet or food accumulation from overeating. May..
Shan Zha Xiao Hui Xiang Fang or Hawthorn & Fennel Formula, Decoction of
Transforms damp, moves qi and blood, dispersing food stagnation, moving stool, supplementing spleen, clearing liver heat to adjust metabolism and regulate appetite. Combine with regular exercise, slee..
Shenling Baizhu Tablets
Addresses abdominal pain due to food stagnation and stomach cold. Appropriate for belching, bloating, poor digestion, abdominal fullness, indigestion, erratic loose stools due to stagnation of stomach..
Shu Gan Wan
Or Hepatico Tonic Pills. Invigorates qi, breaking up stagnation, resolving damp, resolving pain. Dissolves congested liver qi affecting the stomach and spleen with symptoms including abdominal gas, hi..
Shu Gan Wan or Poria & Peony Extract
Disperses stagnant liver qi regulating spleen, stomach. Use for depressed liver with fullness and distension in chest. Symptoms include hypochondria, stomach ache, vomiting, belching, acid regurgitati..
Siang Sha Yang Wei Pills
Comparable to Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan or Saussurea, Amomum Nourish Stomach Pill or Hsiang Sha Yang Wei Wan. Tonifies spleen qi, resolving spleen damp, dissipating phlegm-damp, invigorating center qi, r..
Sit Wo Tong Ng Po Powder
Restorative for gastrointestinal dysfunctions and deficiencies. Use for food poisoning, diarrhea, upset stomach. Mild yet effective. Suitable for children's stomachs. Directions for Use: Take 1-2 v..
Smart Sugar Balance Dietary Supplement
Sugar balance and healthy metabolism are addressed with a 1000 mg proprietary blend containing chiefly gymnema sylvestre leaf, used for nearly 2000 years to address diabetes. Ingredients: Gymnema S..
Superior Gastropin
Fast acting antacid for peptic ulcer, gastric hyperacidity, gastralgia and other gastro discomfort. Directions for Use: Take 2-4 tablets twice daily after meals.  Ingredients: Radix scutell..
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