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Decoctions provide the benefits of 6-30 dried herbs in one hot concentrated drink. Decoctions provide immediate and substantial change within a few days for non critical conditions. Decoction courses once begun may be customized to the patient as the condition changes, as symptoms subside and cease. Only by decoction is it possible for a formula to advance day by day, week by week, progressing from one phase to another until disease is eradicated.

Decoctions were a primary method of ancient therapy. Ancient text, Shanghan Lun, detailed conditions and their corresponding formulas which were then varied to each manifestation of the disease and which progressed in keeping with the way the disease changed. Decoctions in this text were intended to be used for a day or a few days with the expectation that the patient would be in a different status within a few days.

Chinese hospitals and independent pharmacies continue to offer decoctions cooked up on the premises for patient convenience. The decoction of herbs in this manner allows for mass treatment of the range of ailments, from wind invasion cold to chronic ailments for which no medicine exists.

For minor ailments, 3-10 days of a decoction formula are sufficient. Decoctions taken for more critical conditions may range from 1-6 months and may be continued and modified as needed.

For the majority of commonly used herbs, the dosage range is 6-15 grams for a one day dose with an average of about 10 grams per day. Some herbs are used at considerably lower or higher dosages routinely. Some herbs are used in much higher dosage for certain applications. Decoctions are commonly made up of 8-16 ingredients, with an average of about 12 ingredients. A decoction of about 120 grams of crude herbs is usual (e.g. 12 ingredients x 10 grams per ingredient). For a one week supply of herbs, this translates to nearly 2 pounds of dried herb materials. When treating serious ailments, the dosages may be increased by approximately 50% so that a one week supply comes from nearly 3 pounds of herbs.

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Qing Bi Tang, Decoction of
Clears sinus congestion, earache, rhinitis, sinus headache, snoring, thick nasal discharge from wind cold invasion to lung, from lung phlegm heat or damp with heat in lung, large intestine and st..
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan, Decoction of
Clears qi to expel phlegm for treatment of chronic asthma, cough with white or clear phlegm, emphysema, oppression in the chest, chronic pneumonia, sinus phlegm from lung phlegm damp or heat. Herbs..
Qing Shang Juan Tong Tang, Decoction of
Clears upper burner, removing pain from headache due to cold, migraine, tension headache, neck and shoulder tension, sinus congestion, sinus headache, TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia. Clears wind cold da..
Qu Shi or Hoelen & Alisma Combination, Decoction of
The Chinese term for phlegm-damp is tanyin; tan refers to thickened fluids, while yin refers to thin fluids. Both the thick and thin fluids of the tanyin syndrome ar..
Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang or Ginseng Nutritive Formula, Decoction of
Use as general tonic for age and debility, especially with weakened heart qi, deficient spleen qi, lung qi, heart yang, heart blood, and liver blood with disturbed shen, dysharmony of heart and kidney..
Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang, Decoction of
Treats deficient yin in lungs and stomach characterized by dry cough. Use for cough following cold or flu, dry couth, dry lips, mouth, nose, dry stool or constipation, dry throat, fatigue, sticky hard..
Shan Zha Xiao Hui Xiang Fang or Hawthorn & Fennel Formula, Decoction of
Transforms damp, moves qi and blood, dispersing food stagnation, moving stool, supplementing spleen, clearing liver heat to adjust metabolism and regulate appetite. Combine with regular exercise, slee..
Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang, Decoction of Peony & Licorice Pain Relief Combination
Invigorates blood, tonifies qi and blood, dreging liver, harmonizing liver and spleen to relieve pain. Use for liver blood stagnation causing spasm, crampa and pain, especially in calf muscles or abdo..
Shengmai San
Regulates the heart rate and the functions of the internal organs, increasing heart output and the ability of the body to protect against diseases. Strengthens cardiac contractility, re..
Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang, Decoction of
Clematis & Stephania Formula disperses channels to invigorate blood for relief of pain in lower limbs and joints. Clears stagnant wind-cold-damp and stagnant qi and blood in the channels. Use for ..
Si Miao San or the Four Marvels
Clears damp heat in the lower body with symptoms including weak knees and legs, red, painful or swollen feet accompanied by oozing yellow skin discharges, scant or dark urine and atrophy sympto..
Su He Xiang Wan or Liquid Styrax Pills, Decoction of
For wind stroke due to phlegm obstructing the heart orifices, qi stroke or cold stroke, dry sudden turmoil disorder, painful obstruction of chest due to Qi stagnation, congealing due to cold, turbid p..
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