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Keteling Capsules
Expectorant. Opens lung passages. Calms labored breathing, resolving coughs due to phlegm heat or damp. Use for acute, chronic cough with profuse sticky phlegm as with chronic bronchitis. Main ingredi..
Lo Han Guo
Fruit within hard thin shell is partly dry, flexible, containing juice and seeds. The skin, juicy part, and seeds taste pleasantly sweet. Use to relieve sunstroke, moisten the lungs, eliminate phlegm,..
Pespinex Formula or Zhi Sou Ding Chuan
Calms cough, sedating lung heat, resolving phlegm heat, dispelling wind to facilitate breathing. Benefits acute or chronic cough with excess expectoration, excess phlegm congestion, labored rapid brea..
Ping Chuan Wan or Calm Wheezing Pill
Use for chronic asthmatic conditions due to deficient kidney and lunqi without accumulated phlegm where coughing or shortness of breath is worsened by exertion. Tonifies lung qi, kidney qi and ya..
Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan, Decoction of
Clears qi to expel phlegm for treatment of chronic asthma, cough with white or clear phlegm, emphysema, oppression in the chest, chronic pneumonia, sinus phlegm from lung phlegm damp or heat. Herbs..
Respira Tea Pill or Bai He Gu Jin Wan
Nourishes lung yin, moistening the lungs, clearing heat and transforming phlegm. Use for deflicient lung yin with heat producting dry cough or coughing with blood. Other symptoms include dry sore thro..
San She Dan Chuan Bei Ye
Clears phlegm and heat to end coughing. A sweet and delicious formula traditionally composed of snake gallbladder and fritillaria bulb works to abate coughs while dissolving the most persistent of phl..
Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Wan or Autumn Rain Teapills
Use for deficient lung yin causing dry hacking cough with sore throat, dry nostrils and lips. Nourishes lung yin, moistening lungs, nourishing stomach yin, generating fluid, dispeling wind for long la..
Sooth & Comfort I or Gu Ben Zhi Ke Gao Cough Syrup
Supplements the lung function while warming kidneys for relief of cold condition coughs. Dispels white phlegm related to chronic bronchitis, chronic asthma. Particularly beneficial for phlegm syndrome..
Sooth & Comfort II or Gu Ben Zhi Ke Gao Cough Syrup
Soothes chronic cough while clearing heat and dispelling phlegm related to endogenous wind-heat. Applicable to warm-dry cough, cough with scant, sticky sputum due to lung qi deficiency, dry and sore t..
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Sooth Herb Tea Extract, Xiao Ke Chuan
For relief of coughs due to exogenous cold and flu, asthma, chronic bronchitis. Ingredients: Whole depressed plantain root. Directions for Use: Take 2 teaspoons 3 times daily as needed. Conte..
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