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Cheng Yun Wan, Infertility Pills

Cheng Yun Wan, Infertility Pills

Reinforces yang and kidney function, enriching essence, nourishing qi and tonifying blood to support, ovaries, uterus, genital systems to treat male and female sterility.

Ingredients: Radix angelicae sinensis 12.7%, ligusticum walichii 7.7%, achyranthes bidentata 10.2%, cuscuta chinensis 7.7%, semen plantaginis 7.7%, curculigo orchiodes 7.7%, radix paeoniae alba 7.7%, rehmannia glutinosa 10.2%, glochidion puberum 7.7%, fructus schizandrae 7.7%, fructus schizandrae 7.7%, lycium chinese 13%.

Directions for Use: Take 10 pills 2-3 times a day with warm water.

Contents: 120 pills per bottle.



Infertility due to deficient blood
Infertility due to deficient yang

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