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Strengthen muscles, bones and tendons while improving circulation with a complex blend of radix salviae miltiorrhizae, dispaci, rehmanniae, epimedii, psoraleae in combination with other bolstering herbs.
Ingredients: Radix salviae miltiorrhizae 160 mg, radix dipsaci 160 mg, radix rehmanniae preparata 160 mg, herba epimedii 160 mg, fructus psoraleae, 140 mg flos carthami 140 mg radix angelicae pubescentis 120 mg herba taxilli 120 mg olibanum 120 mg rhizoma drynariae 120 mg caulis spatholobi 100 mg myrrha 100mg. Made by M & A Pharmaceuticals, Hong Kong.
Directions for Use: Take 3-4 pills twice daily.
Contents: 60 pills per 24g bottle.

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