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Blood Stasis, Bleeding, Pain

Stagnation of blood may result from trauma, stagnation of qi or congestion of liver qi, manifested as pain, abscesses and ulcers, tumors or swollen masses. Bleeding may be due to trauma, deficient yin, arrogant yang, heat in the blood or deficient spleen qi. Cause is the primary factor for choosing an appropriate formula.
Typically, non-animal substitutions biochemically similar to ox gallstone, musk gland and toad secretion will have been made while common domestic animal substitutions will have replaced exotic rhinoceros horn, tiger bone and bear gallbladder.

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Jin Gu Die Shang Wan, Decoction of
Traumatic Injury formula for injury to muscles, bone with stagnation of qi and blood in channels. Tongue may be purple or dark with dark spots. Pulse is choppy. Use for bone fractures, bruising, dislo..
Kai Sai Lu Suppository
Aids difficult bowel movements due to chronic constipation, reducing swelling, pain, inflammation.     ..
Ma Ying Long Hemorrhoid Ointment
Provides immediate pain relief from hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Ingredients: Synthetic musk, bezoars, pearl, amber, calamine, vaseline, lanolin. Directions for Use: Apply externally twice dai..
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Ma Ying Long Hemorrhoids Suppository
Reduces swelling. Relieves pain. Suitable for external and internal hemorrhoids. Stops bleeding and promotes tissue regeneration. Ingredients: Synthetic musk, synthetic bezoar, pearl, borneol, noto..
Pian Tou Tong Wan or Migraherb Extract
Relieves migraine and headache with classical formula of angelica root, safflower, chrysanthemum. Beneficial for tension, vascular, cluster headaches. Ingredients: Fragrant angelica (root) , Ligust..
Piantoutong Wan
Migraine Medicine. Dispels wind. Quickens blood flow, warming channels, freeing clogged network vessels causing neuropathic, vascular, haemal headaches, migraine, tension headache. Beneficial for neur..
Prostate Gland Pills
Or Qian Lie Xian Wan. Disperses blood stagnation to reduce inflammation, clear toxic pus, reducing damp heat in lower burner while tonifying and invigorating blood. Use for chronic and acute prostate ..
Raw Tienchi Ginseng Powder or San Qi Fen
Natural painkiller and "more precious than gold" according to ancient healers. Use to boost energy, endurance and improve blood flow. Increases oxygen levels, promoting cell renewal. Stops internal an..
Raw Tienchi Ginseng Powder, Tam Hoa
Freshly ground to order. Ultimate natural painkiller, working to boost energy and endurance while improving blood flow. Increases oxygen levels, promoting cell renewal. Stops internal and ex..
Raw Tienchi Powder or Sheng Tian Qi Fen
Pure raw pseudoginseng powder may be taken internally or applied externally to traumatic wounds or bleeding gums. Tienchi supports blood circulation with flavonoids and heart health with saponin. I..
Refined Yan Hu Suo Tablets
Breaks qi and blood obstruction in the channels to invigorate qi and blood, dispel wind damp, cease pain. Use for variety of pain including stomachache, headache, menstrual cramping, toothache and sin..
Restor Nex or Chin Koo Tieh Shang Wan
Invigorates blood, breaks blood stasis, tonifies blood to stop bleeding, strengthen sinew and bone, open channels and collaterals to relieve pain. Use internally or externally for acute bruising or sw..
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