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Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Muscle & Joint

Of the six excesses, wind is the primary exogenous pathogenic factor, since cold, damp, dryness, and heat may all depend on wind to attack the body.

Pathogenic wind manifested conditions include: diseases involving excess movement of the body: epilepsy (rare convulsions) and Parkinson’s disease; diseases involving symptoms appearing in different parts of the body at different times: early stage rheumatism involving differing joints or skin rashes that appear in different places; diseases involving loss of movement: stroke, paralysis, tetany, and coma; various pain, numbness, and spastic syndromes, sometimes referred to as bi syndromes, including headache, toothache, limb numbness, tendon spasms, arthritis, deep bone pain; diseases that are acute: common cold, influenza, sinus infection, skin eruption, sore throat, cough, eye disorders; and diseases that affect the surface of the body (skin or flesh, rather than viscera): chronic eczema, leprosy, scrofula, hair loss.

Internal wind, not necessarily aroused by exogenous wind, is described as being closely related to the liver and displays four causative factors: liver yang excess and yin deficiency generating endogenous wind (mainly the result of emotional frustration); extreme heat (usually in the advanced stage of febrile diseases); yin deficiency (usually due to prolonged illness that consumes body fluids); and blood deficiency (usually from insufficient blood production or from excess blood loss). 


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Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang, Decoction of
Clematis & Stephania Formula disperses channels to invigorate blood for relief of pain in lower limbs and joints. Clears stagnant wind-cold-damp and stagnant qi and blood in the channels. Use for ..
Shuang Long Pain Relieving Oil
Peppermint, eucalyptus, lavendar and nutmeg oil make this a fragrant addition to your natural remedies selection for backache, trauma, bruising, strains and arthritic, muscular, joint pain. ..
Si Miao San or the Four Marvels
Clears damp heat in the lower body with symptoms including weak knees and legs, red, painful or swollen feet accompanied by oozing yellow skin discharges, scant or dark urine and atrophy sympto..
Snow Lotus Flower Formula
By any other name, namely, saussurea, still as beneficial. The flowers and stems have long been useful for treating rheumatoid arthritis, cough and cold, stomachache, altitude sickness, general fatigu..
Specific Lumbaglin, Te Xiao Yao Tong Ling
Strengthens the waist and kidneys, tonifying jing, invigorating blood and removing blood stagnation. Relieves inflammation, pain and ache, particularly in the lower back. Dispels wind and damp, relaxi..
Specific Lumbar Tablets or Yao Tong Pian
Psoralea & Teasel Combo. Tonifies kidney yang and qi, nourishing liver blood, strengthening tendon and bone while circulating qi and blood to alleviate pain. Use for lumbago, lower back pain and s..
The Nine Immortal Extract, Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Wan
Dispels damp to clear internal heat due to wind invasion, cold/damp conditions with fever, chills, inability to sweat, headache, rigid neck, aching limbs, bitter taste, white/yellow coated tongue. A t..
Tianhe Dacon Relief Plaster, White
Plaster medicated with angelica root, ginger rhizome and frankincense work to soothe away some of life's less detrimental bumps and aches. Use to dispel wind and expel cold, invigorate blood and activ..
Tianhe Guanjie Zhitong Gao Pain Relief Plaster, Red
Use to invigorate blood circulation, diminish inflammation and to relieve pain. Particularly beneficial for joint sprain, arthralgia from cold damp. Apply an aromatic sheet directly to afflicted area ..
Tianhe Shangxi Zhitong Gao Pain Relief Plaster, White
Use for relief from cervical pain and omalgia, pain in waist and lower extremities. Aromatic patch helps to eliminate wind-damp, improve blood circulation and provide pain relief. Particularly benefic..
Tianhe Shexiang Zhuanggu Gao Pain Relief Plaster, Orange
A formula based on musk and essential herbs work to penetrate and warm the sorest most strained of muscles and joints. Use for relief of aches and pains related to rheumatism, arthralgia, lumbago, neu..
Tianma Feng Shi Ling
Use to strengthen waist, reinvigorating kidneys. Promotes circulation to expel blood stasis. Dispels wind and damp to relax tendons, alleviating inflammation, pain. Directions for Use: Take 4-6 tab..
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