Sing Lin

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Nursing Mother's Support or Mu Ru Duo
Provides nutrient support for nursing mothers while reinforcing qi, supplementing blood, quickenin..
Raw Tienchi Ginseng Powder or San Qi Fen
Natural painkiller and "more precious than gold" according to ancient healers. Use to boost energy, ..
Rehmannia & Notopterygium Combo or Yang Xue Sheng Fa
Nourishes blood, enriching liver and kidney to promote hair growth associated with general..
Tienchi Ginseng & Ligusticum Wallichii Combo or Tian Qi Tong Jing
Regulates qi and supports blood flow, alleviating pain. Use particularly for dysmenorrhea and i..
Xanthium Combo Extract or Cang Er Zi Bi Yan
Promotes free healthy breathing, reducing congestion of the mucous membranes to clear nasal sys..
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