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Children's Herbal Remedies

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BST Eucalyptus Oil
Light, lightly fragrant, refreshing and gentle enough for the bath or for use on infant or sensitive skin.     Ingredients: 100% Eucalyptus Oil. Made in the US. Directions for Us..
Laryngitis Pills
Clears toxic heat, sedating internal heat, resolving phlegm heat - to calm shen. Effective for laryngitis due to heat, acute tonsillitis, acute mumps or sore throat from heat, not sore throat from col..
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Ma Pak Leung Chut Lee Powder
Calm baby's stomach while improving digestion and the absorption of milks and solids. Dissolve powder in warm water to soothe nocturnal unrest, irritability, loss of appetite, regurgitating conditions..
Pak Cheong Tong's Hou Cho Powder
Treats the wide variety of children's afflictions including fever, flu, flatulence, phlegm, vomiting. Ingredients: Amber 15%, Bezoar 5.7%, Cardamomum 9%, Glycyrrhiza 18%, Pearl 15%, Acorus Granin..
Po Chai Pills or Bao Ji Wan
Classic prescription for digestive complaints marked by sudden nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramping or dizziness. Use also for stomach flu, food stagnation and travel indigestion. Dispels wind..
Seven Stars Granules, Xiao Er Qi Xing Cha
For use as mild, calming digestive aid, particularly for children when experiencing insomnia, restlessness, irritability, rashing, food intolerance, poor diet or food accumulation from overeating. May..
Sit Wo Tong Ng Po Powder
Restorative for gastrointestinal dysfunctions and deficiencies. Use for food poisoning, diarrhea, upset stomach. Mild yet effective. Suitable for children's stomachs. Directions for Use: Take 1-2 v..
Ya Hom Powder
Invigorates stomach channels and mentally revitalizes from sluggish, fatigued, debilitated states. Herb formula to awaken, inspire. Suitable for children's digestive ailments.   Ingredients..
Yinchiao Tablet
The sweet original! Excellent when taken immediately or upon the first or second day of wind-heat flu symptoms that include swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, body ache, fever with chills, headache, so..
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