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Tonics are not recommended for use during any stage of wind invasion, i.e. cold & flu. They tend to drive wind deeper into the body, delaying recovery. (Qi tonics can be warm and stagnating to energy and should be discontinued or moderated if heat or dryness, chest oppression, abdominal congesting, bloating occur. Tonics to nourish blood may cause indigestion and should be monitored if so.)

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Yinourish Remedy, Zuo Gui Wan
Replenishes deficient yin liver and kidney with symptoms including tinnitus, forgetfulness, flushed cheeks, night sweating, insomnia, dizziness, infertility, leukorrhea, amenorrhea. Ingredients: Re..
Young Yum Pills
Rivulet to youth and wellness. Enhances blood circulation. Particularly beneficial as age tonic for both genders. Prepared according to ancient recipe. Ingredients: Mel, Radix Codonopsis, Rhizoma Z..
Yu Quan, Second Generation
Nurtures yin, strengthening kidney, lung and spleen to dispel phlegm-heat, relieve thirst, circulate fluid, regulate appetite, calm shen. Chinese treatment for diabetes. Ingredients: Kudzu/Puerar..
Zhi Bai Ba Wei Wan or Eight Flavor Tea
Classical prescription building from Six Flavor Tea, Liu Wei di Huang Wan. Includes heat reducing herbs, paeonia root, phellodendron bark and anemarrhena rhizome to treat deficient kidney yin with hea..
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan or Anemarrhena, Philodendron, Rehmannia Pill
Tonifies yin to clear heat. Use for deficient liver and kidney yin symptomized by heat. Particularly beneficial for menopause with heat flashes, night sweating, restlessness. Also beneficial for heat ..
Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan or Eight Flavor Rehmanni Extract
Treats deficient kidney yin with heat in lungs, liver, heart. Beneficial for systemic heat and fever with symptoms including tidal fever, night sweating, hot flashes, heat in soles of feet or palms, i..
Zhuang Yao Tonic Tablets
Beneficial for tendons and bones. Beneficial as general tonic for kidney yang deficiency with lower back pain, weak waist and legs, pain in kidneys with dizziness, labored breathing, ear ringing, urin..
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