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Hai Ma Bu Shen Wan or Sea Horse Herb Tea

Hai Ma Bu Shen Wan or Sea Horse Herb Tea

Also Hyma Bushen. General purpose tonic for qi and blood, kidney qi and yang. Strengthens the heart. Benefits kidney deficient states affecting heart or digestion. The aged and those recovering after illness or childbirth may use for symptoms associated with congestive heart failure with symptoms including fatigue, poor digestion with undigested food in stool, edema, difficult breathing and insomnia. Improves sex drive. Corrects impotence, lower back pain and cold limbs. (Suitable for prolonged use except where yang deficiency is significant.)

Ingredients per 10 pills (2500 mg total): English walnut 500 mg, Dong quai root 300 mg, Asia ginseng root 200 mg, psoralea fruit 200 mg, poria sclerotium 200 mg, clove flower bud 150 mg, rehmannia cured root tuber 150 mg, lycium fruit 100 mg, astragalus root 100 mg, asiatic dogwood fruit without seed 100 mg. Made by Tianjin Medicines & Health Products, China.

Directions for Use: Take 10 pills twice daily, in the morning and at night before eating. Contents: 120 pills per bottle

Brand: Golden Lily, Tianjin Med, China
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Asthma due to kidney lung deficiency
Backache due to cold
Heart, Congestive Failure
Heart Palpitations due to systemic deficiency
Immune System Strengthening
Impotence due to deficient qi and jing

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