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Diep Ha Chau Hepatic Antidote Tea

Diep Ha Chau Hepatic Antidote Tea

Clears bile to detox. Phyllanthus urinaria concocted as convenient tea bags benefits interior heat symptoms such as boils, itching as well as acute/chronic hepatitis conditions and liver disturbance from alcohol, chemicals, fat in liver.

Ingredients: 50% Phyllanthus urinaria, 30% Eclipta alba, 20% Curcuma longa. Made by Tra Tui Loc Hoang Duy, Vietnam.

Directions for Use: Infuse 1-2 tea bags of 150 ml boiling water for approximately 5 minutes. Sugar or maple syrup may be added. For best results: take 4-6 tea bags daily for a treatment period of 1-2 months.


Contents: 20 bags, 1.5 gm each.


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