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Double Dragon Pills

Double Dragon Pills

Developed by herbalists during the reign of Emperor Chang of the Ching/Manchu Dynasty, this complex formula works to increase vigor, vitality, strength and general wellness. Use to promote circulation, to promote sexual well being and to support joie de vivre.

Ingredients: Sea Dragon 8.25mg, Sea Horse 8.25mg, Morinda Root (ba ji tian) 27.39 mg, Eucommia Cortex (du zhong) 15.84 mg, Cistanche deserticola (Y.C. Ma.) Herb 15.84mg, Epimedium Herb 15.84mg, Oriental Ginseng Root 15.84 mg, Harts Horn 4.95mg, Licorice Root 16.5mg, Ligusticum Acutilobum Root 9.9mg, Dioscorea Hypoglauca Palib. Rhizome 9.9mg, Lycium Berries (go qi zi) 9.9mg, Cordyceps Fungus 8.25mg, Rehmannia Root (di huang) 8.25mg.

Other ingredients: Red 40 Blue 1, Yellow 6 and Titanium Dioxide.

Directions for Use as specified on manufacturer's label. Made by Peiping Tai Yuet Tong Medicine, Hong Kong.

Contents: 60 red pills and 60 yellow pills.



Health Improvement

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