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Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan or Macrovirex Extract

Cong Rong Bu Shen Wan or Macrovirex Extract

Invigorates liver, kidneys. Strengthens yang. Particularly beneficial for male impotence, sterility due to deficient kidney yang with lassitude, cold pain in loins and knees, flaccidity of extremities, aversion to cold, vertigo, tinnitus. May also benefit female sterility, cold womb, irregular menstruation with mental and physical fatigue and energy loss.

Ingredients: Desert broomrape 425mg, Rehmannia 425mg, Japanese dodder seed 423 mg, schisandra fruit 7 mg.

Directions for Use: Take 8 pills three times daily.

Contents: 200 pills.



Impotence due to deficient yang

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