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Bu Tiao Formula or Bu Xue Tiao Jing Tang, Decoction of

Bu Tiao Formula or Bu Xue Tiao Jing Tang, Decoction of

Nourish Blood, Adjust Period Decoction. Treats cold and blood stagnation in the uterus with deficient kidney qi and yang, deficient qi and blood with bleeding due to deficient qi. Useful for amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, fatigue, infertility, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding.

Herbal Rx: Cyperus (xiang fu), rosa (jin ying zi), millettia (ji xue teng), litsea (dou chi jing), loranthus (sang ji sheng), leonurus (yi mu cao), alpinia gao (liang jiang),  artemesia (ai ye), capsella (ji cai), codonopsis (dang shen), atractylodes (cang zhu), glycerrhiza (gan cao), gelatinum (e jiao), cinnamomum (rou gui).

Contents: 10 days.

Directions for Use: Boil with water in 6:1 water to herb ratio until reduced to 2 cups of tea consumed per day within period of ten days.



Infertility due to deficient qi
Kidneys, to tonify kidney qi
Uterine Bleeding
Uterus, Cold

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