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Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San or Bupleurum & Peony Formula, Decoction of

Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San or Bupleurum & Peony Formula, Decoction of

Treats premenstrual syndrome with liver heat. Use for stagnant liver qi and blood with liver heat, deficient liver blood, disharmony of liver and spleen, deficient spleen qi. Symptoms may include abdominal distension, breast distension, dizziness, food allergies, headache, hot flashing as in menopause, infertility, irregular menstruation, irritability, poor appetite, PMS, red eye, restlessness. 

Best administered between ovulation and onset of period. May prevent adverse menopausal symptoms when taken consecutively 1-2 years prior.

Ingredients: Bupleurum (chai hu), paeonia (bai shao), angelica (dang gui), poria (fu ling), atractylodes (bai zhu), zingiberis (sheng jiang), moutan (mu dan pi), gardenia (zhi zi), glycerrizha (gan cao), mentha (bo he). 

Contents: 10 days of herbs.

Directions for Use: Boil with water, water to herb ratio 6:1. Reduce and consume as two tea cups per day within 10 day period. 



Infertility due to deficient qi
Liver-Spleen Disharmony
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

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