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Yiqi Chongming Tang, Decoction for Tinnitis 4
Type 4 tinnitus is described as intermittently occurring tinnitus that is alleviated by re..
Young Yum Pills
Rivulet to youth and wellness. Enhances blood circulation. Particularly beneficial as age tonic for ..
Yu Dai Wan
The Heal Leukorrhea Pill. Classical formula to clear damp heat in uterus and kidneys to tonify blood..
Yu Ping Feng San, Decoction of
Jade Screen Powder raises wei qi to increase resistance to disease. Wei qi is the body's defensive e..
Yu Quan, Second Generation
Nurtures yin, strengthening kidney, lung and spleen to dispel phlegm-heat, relieve thirst, circulate..
Yunnan Baiyao Capsules
Century old formula. First aid for internal and external bleeding, traumatic swelling, toxic insect ..
Yunnan Baiyao Woundplast Bandages
The convenience of a disposable bandage with the Chinese "penicillin" of wound therapy, Yunnan Baiya..
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