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Ya Hom Powder
Invigorates stomach channels and mentally revitalizes from sluggish, fatigued, debilitated states. H..
Ya Zhou Yan Wan
Beneficial in preventing odontitis, odontobothritis, pyorrhoea and infections after odontoptosis. Us..
Yang Xue Sheng Fa Capsules
Promotes hair growth, deterring hair loss. Invigorates blood circulation of scalp for reduction of h..
Yanourish Remedy, You Gui Wan
Nourishes kidney yang, addressing specifically spermatorrhea with symptoms including pallid face, in..
Yantai Sanpien Wan
Broad spectrum general tonic for health of the mind and spirit, to strengthen the lower back, to emp..
Yee Tin Oil or Nhi Thien Duong
Concocted during the days and nights of French occupied Vietnam as beneficial skin moisturizer steep..
Yeniaowan or Ye Niao Ting
Treats frequent night urination and urinary incontinence. Supplements kidney qi while addressing col..
Yi Yi Ren Tang, Decoction of
Coix Decoction Formula for painful upper limbs with damp accumulation. Treats wind-cold-damp in chan..
Yin Chen Wu Ling Tang, Decoction of
Capillaris & Hoelen Formula or Artemesia, Five Poria Decotion treats accumulated damp and water ..
Yinchiao Chieh Tu Pien
Relieves common cold or flu symptoms including fever, sore throat, muscle ache and dry cough. Useful..
Yinchiao Tablet
The sweet original! Excellent when taken immediately or upon the first or second day of wind-heat fl..
Yinourish Remedy, Zuo Gui Wan
Replenishes deficient yin liver and kidney with symptoms including tinnitus, forgetfulness, flushed ..
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