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Tam Hoa Formula for Detoxification
Detoxifies for advanced stage liver dysfunction eliminating toxins, clearing stasis and reinvigorati..
Tam Hoa Formula for Dispelling the Root of Wind, Flu & Cold
Treats wind disorders manifested as chronic symptoms associated with the common cold, infl..
Tam Hoa Formula for Expelling Parasites
Purges variety of parasites. Presentations include intermittent periumbilical pain, ability to eat d..
Tam Hoa's Extra Strength Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Liuwei DiHuang Wan or Six Flavor Rehmanni is one of the most commonly used Chinese herb formulas in ..
Tang Kwei & Astragalus Extract or Dang Gui Bu Xue Wan
Invigorates qi, enabling, empowering blood production and flow. Beneficial after overexertion or lon..
Tankwe Gin Mixed Herbs Syrup
Angelica Dang Gui Syrup or Dang Gui Gin Gao liquid tonic improves blood quality over time. Use to nu..
The Eight Herbs Extract or Ba Zheng San Wan
For acute urinary tract infection, urolithiasis (bladder stones, urinary tract stones), cy..
The Four Herbs Extract or Si Wu Tang Wan
Promotes and regulates menstruation. Tonifies and invigorates blood, regulating liver, alleviating p..
The Nine Immortal Extract, Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Wan
Dispels damp to clear internal heat due to wind invasion, cold/damp conditions with fever, chills, i..
Tian Ma Gou Teng Wan or Gastrodia, Uncaria Cool Decoction
Commonly used for symptoms associated with hypertension, deficiency headaches, dizziness and early s..
Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
Supports the heart while pacifying the nerves. Use also to relieve occasional sleeplessness, absentm..
Tianhe Shexiang Zhuanggu Gao Pain Relief Plaster, Orange
Musk and a whole host of herbs work to penetrate and warm the sorest most strained of muscles and jo..
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