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Pak Cheong Tong's Hou Cho Powder
Treats the wide variety of children's afflictions including fever, flu, flatulence, phlegm, vomiting..
Panlanken or Ban Lan Gen
Treats variety of interior toxic heat symptoms including sore throat, fever, constipation from heat,..
Pe Min Kan Wan
Treats acute sinusitis and allergies characterized by bouts of drippy nose and discharge, sneezing, ..
Pe Min Kan Wan, M&A Brand
Clears nasal passages, particularly during wind heat where discharge is clear or white and excessive..
Pearl Powder
Detoxes. Calms spirit, shen. Clears liver heat to tranquilize mind, brighten eyes, alleviating spasm..
Peony Licorice Extract or Shao Yao Gan Cao Wan
Replenishes yin to stop pain. Use for deficient yin and blood. Alleviates pain from gastralgia, abdo..
Perfect Body Dietary Supplement
Psyllium seeds as digestible soluble fiber works to cleanse the colon and regulate bowel movements f..
Pespinex Formula or Zhi Sou Ding Chuan
Calms cough, sedating lung heat, resolving phlegm heat, dispelling wind to facilitate breathing. Ben..
Pi Kang Shuang Itch Relief Cream
Relieves itching and burning. Antifungal. Works for variety of skin eczema, dermatitis, ringworm, de..
Pi Yen Chin Opthalmic Drops
Use to cleanse and clear eyes in cases of ocular congestion or conjunctivitis, i.e. pinkeye. Use in ..
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Pian Tou Tong Wan or Migraherb Extract
Relieves migraine and headache with classical formula of angelica root, safflower, chrysanthemum. Be..
Piantoutong Wan
Migraine Medicine. Dispels wind. Quickens blood flow, warming channels, freeing clogged network vess..
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