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Lang Yi Hao
Herbal supplement to address blood circulation, energy, low libido, premature ejaculation, symptoms ..
Lao Jiang Nuan Wei Cha Herbal Tea
Ginger as tea promotes balanced digestion while relieving and warming the stomach channel and senses..
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Laryngitis Pills
Clears toxic heat, sedating internal heat, resolving phlegm heat - to calm shen. Effective for laryn..
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Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang
Clears heat to detoxify, removing heat from lungs. Use to ameliorate symptoms from virus and in..
Lidan Paishi Tablets
Removes damp heat to invigorate qi at the center. Benefits liver and gallbladder. Kills worms when n..
Lidan Tablets
Treats acute and chronic gallstone inflammation to dissolve and remove gallstones. Harmonizes liver,..
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Lien Chiao Pai Tu Pien
Forsythia of our youth dispels internal fire, relieves toxic skin infections, particularly abscesses..
Lipoherb Tea or Jiang Zhi Tong Mai
Quickens blood to move stasis, dispersing the liver to harmonzie qi. Reduces symptoms associated wit..
Liu Shen Qu or Medicated Leaven
 Harmonizes center, benefiting stomach and spleen, dispelling pathogenic cold and heat, neutral..
Liu Shen Wan or Six Spirits Pill
Clears toxic heat and internal heat to resolve phlegm-heat. Use to calm agitated shen and other heat..
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan or Six Flavor Rehmanni
Nourishes kidney, liver, spleen yin while tonifying kidney and spleen qi. Use for symptoms including..
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Liu Wei Di Huang Wan or Six Flavor Tea
A classic foundation prescription to nourish kidney, liver, spleen yin while tonifying kidney and sp..
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