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Japan Tengu Mokorin
Increases libido, mental preparation, stamina and endurance. Use for male sexual well being.&nb..
Ji Gu Cao Wan
Treats acute and chronic hepatitis with jaundice. Clears heat and damp heat of the liver to nourish ..
Ji Jiao Li Huang Wan, Decoction of
Moves stagnant qi and dries damp manifested as abdominal distension, phlegm and fluid accumulat..
Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan
For liver problems arising in heat signs, manifested as digestive dysfunction with symptoms that inc..
Jian Bu Zhuang Gu Wan
Relieves wind damp, eliminating blood stasis, tonifying qi. Relieves pain from arthritis and rheumat..
Jiang Ya Ling Capsule
Treats symptoms associated with hypertension due to liver fire, i.e. dizziness, tinnitus, headache. ..
Jiang Ya Ping Pian, Blood Pressure Formula, Heal All & Chrysanthemum Combo
Use to sedate liver fire and reduce symptoms associated with hypertension, including tinnitus (ear r..
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Jiang Zhi Jian Fei Wan
Helps to balance metabolic function with san qi ginseng mixed in hawthorn fruit, pine pollen and rad..
Jianmin Yanhou Pian Stop Smoking Tablets
Clears sore throat, upper respiratory tract inflammation, aphonia. Alternatively used as detox while..
Jianshen Pills, Tien Sau Tong
For male urogenital and digestive support with symptoms including soreness and aching in waist and ..
Jie Geng Wan
Invigorates lung qi to stop coughing, expelling phlegm, promoting discharge of any pus. Benefits thr..
Jie Yu or Bupleurum & Cyperus 18 Decoction
Disperses constrained liver qi, clearing liver and heart fire to invigorate blood and dispel phlegm...
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