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Hai Ma Jian Shen Wan
For use as male tonic with kidney yin and yang deficiency. Improves yin essential fluids while ..
Hair Health or Wu Xu Sheng Fa Su
Classical formula nourishes liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation and qi, regulating&nb..
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Hawthorn Single Herb Element
For treatment of heart disease, to strengthen heart function, lower blood lipids, dilate blood ..
Hawthorn Tablets
Lowers blood cholesterol. Reduces body fat. Balanced with a lean healthy diet, exercise, and rest, y..
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Healthy Brain Pills or Jian Nao Wan
Tonifies heart and liver blood to calm shen, sedate liver wind for symptoms including sleeplessness,..
Her Maintenance or Nuan Gong Yuan Zi Wan
Possibly not a coincidence. Infertility has been overcome by warming the uterus to conceive. This fo..
High Strength Fargelin
Relieves pain and swelling from hemorrhoids, acting as natural anesthetic and lubricant to make bowe..
Hindu Magic Pills
Not magic, rather lycium berries, eucommia, morinda, ginseng, polygala and dang gui combined for use..
Honeysuckle & Chrysanthemum Extract or Wu Wei Xiao Du Wan
Removes heat to counteract toxicity. Eliminates eruption and sores. A strong antiviral for relief fr..
Honeysuckle Herbal Tea from Ge Xian Weng
Inherently antibacterial. Clears and detoxifies, inhibiting bacterial growth, cooling and reducing h..
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Hong Hoa Oil
Provides fast acting, cinnamon scented relief from minor muscle and joint aches and pains. Ingred..
Hong Hua Tao Ren Tang or Carthamus & Persica Formula, Decoction of
Clears stagnant liver blood, stagnant uterus blood, stagnant liver qi manifested as amenorrhea, dysm..
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