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Hai Ma Bu Shen Wan or Sea Horse Herb Tea
Also Hyma Bushen. General purpose tonic for qi and blood, kidney qi and yang. Strengthens the h..
Hai Ma Jian Shen Wan
For use as male tonic with kidney yin and yang deficiency. Improves yin essential fluids while ..
Hair Health or Wu Xu Sheng Fa Su
Classical formula nourishes liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation and qi, regulating&nb..
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Hanbao Ban Lan Gen Beverage Mix, Isatis Root Granules
Removes toxic internal heat, reducing heat in blood, providing relief from masses and swelling. Usef..
Hangzhou Chrysanthemum
Prolonged consumption of white chrysanthemum tea cools and detoxifies the liver. Here in bulk unproc..
Hawthorn Extract, Shan Zha Jiang Zhi Pian
Digestive aid centuries established now routinely used to treat heart failure. Antioxidants found in..
Hawthorn Single Herb Element
For treatment of heart disease, to strengthen heart function, lower blood lipids, dilate blood ..
Hawthorn Tablets
Lowers blood cholesterol. Reduces body fat. Balanced with a lean healthy diet, exercise, and rest, y..
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Healthy Brain Pills or Jian Nao Wan
Tonifies heart and liver blood to calm shen, sedate liver wind for symptoms including sleeplessness,..
Heparex Extract or Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan
Use to bolster immune system, to ward off colds, for liver-related and breast disorders. Has been pr..
Her Maintenance or Nuan Gong Yuan Zi Wan
Possibly not a coincidence. Infertility has been overcome by warming the uterus to conceive. This fo..
Herba Oldenlandia Diffusa Beverage
Grown mainly in Fujian, the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, the Oldenlandia Diffusa plant may act a..
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