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Da Bu Yin Wan
Or Great Tonify Yin Pill. Classical formula for severe deficient kidney yin with fire symptoms inclu..
Da Bu Yin Wan, Decoction of
Tonifies kidney yin, sedating fire deficiency. Use for severe deficient kidney yin with fire symptom..
Daigaku Eye Drops
More than a century old and still Japan's best selling eye drop. Use for eyes tired from straining, ..
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Dan Shen Pill
Dissolves blood stagnation to disperse pain from the heart, clearing the blood vessels. Treats angin..
Dan Shen Yin, Decoction of
Preventative against heart attack and stroke, dispersing blood stagnation in the heart and channels,..
Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San or Bupleurum & Peony Formula, Decoction of
Treats premenstrual syndrome with liver heat. Use for stagnant liver qi and blood with liver he..
Dandelion Combo
Antibacterial to reduce inflammation, clear heat and resolve pain in urinary system infection, ureth..
Dang Gui Bu Xue Wan, Decoction of
Nourishes blood and invigorates blood circulation. Female tonic for blood deficiency accompanied by ..
Dang Gui Su
Nourishes and invigorates blood to help regulate menstruation. Useful for irregularity, amenorrhea, ..
Die Da Wan Hua Pain Relieving Oil
Relieves pain and minor swelling associated with common aches and pains in joints, muscles. Benefici..
Diep Ha Chau Hepatic Antidote Tea
Clears bile to detox. Phyllanthus urinaria concocted as convenient tea bags benefits interior heat s..
Dong Quai Tablet or Fu Fang Dang Gui Pian, Angelica Tea
Use as blood nourishing tonic to nurture and invigorate blood, fortify spleen qi in cases with chron..
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